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What I really love to do is make dogs and cats healthier. I love both my patients and 'their people'. I experienced their pain when they came to see me, often from long distances, with their pets with serious diseases.

The thing is- health depends on good nutrition. It’s been proven that certain nutrients lower the risk of disease. I knew many of the health problems that I routinely saw could have been prevented with good nutrition. I knew something had to be done about it. One in two dogs in the United States is getting cancer now and that wasn’t OK with me.

Nourishment is more than food in a bowl. In fact, many essential nutrients are missing in pet food.

That’s why VITAL VITIES contains every vitamin and mineral and super-foods like kale, broccoli, beets and dandelion. I want dogs and cats to always be able to have the opportunity to have good health and a long happy life. Cause in my world, they’re the best friends we could ever have.

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"Give me everything I need for a long and healthy life."

Dr. Deva Khalsa

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Canine Everyday Essentials 60 Day Supply
Our Price: $43.99

CANINE EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS is the new improved version of VITAL VITIES with veggies and fruits with added probiotics and sustainable palm oil
Double Helix Water
Our Price: $52.00

Healing Water for Dogs and Cats
Myristin Special Canine NEW Formula (120 tabs)
Our Price: $46.25

Myristin Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs and Cats - Incredibly effective for arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint pain, back pain and hind-end weakness. Click here for ingredients.

A combination of Cetyl Myristoleate and Glucosamine Sulfate work together and with other joint nutrients to create optimum joint health. Myristin® Canine Formula is used to repair and reduce dysplasia and other joint problems. The important thing to note is that Cetyl Myristoleate actually repairs and helps to regenerate joint tissue. Unlike any other product, Myristin works to:
  • Promote recovery from joint injury (joint repair)
  • Creates synovial fluid that lubricates the joints
  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation
  • Regulates immune response for optimum joint recovery
  • Original Formula Myristin® has been used by vets for canine joint problems since 1996
  • A safe alternative to NSAIDs. (Whole Dog Journal)
  • Dr. Khalsa has used this product with success (originally using the human formulation) for 20 years.
  • This information has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.
  • Delicious chewable tablet that dogs (and most cats) think of as a treat.
  • Each tasty chewable tablet of Myristin® Special Canine Joint Formula contains:Cetyl Myristoleate Complex - 500mg (providing 100 mg of molecular cetyl myristoleate), Glucosamine Sulfate - 250mg, MSM - 250 mg, Curcumin - 6 mg, Bromelain - 18 mg, Vitamin C - 150 mg, Manganese Citrate - 10 mg (providing 2.9 mg elemental manganese, Lecithin - 100 mg, Lipase - 33 mg and all natural bacon flavor.

Touchless Care Antifungal Spray
Our Price: $24.95

Touchless Care Colloidal Silver $ Zinc Spray
Our Price: $24.95

Vital Vities for Dogs - Chompin' Cheese - 60-Day Supply
Our Price: $43.99