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This yummy bacon-flavored supplement will have your cat purring with bliss. And you'll be in bliss, too, because there's no need to chase your cat down to take this very necessary preventive supplement. blissful baconEven the most finicky of our feline friends will eat this vitamin as a tasty treat when added to their food.
And because VITAL VITIES also included…
Cranberry & Blueberry & Dandelion for Bladder Support
Vitamin E & Beets & Alfalfa & Taurine for Cardiac Support
Dandelion for Liver Support
L-Glutamine & Pumpkin & Apples for Bowel Support
Alfalfa & Dandelion & Vitamin C for Joint Support
Biotin & Zinc for Coat
Kale and Broccoli – cancer preventing phytonutrients
…..your cat may need fewer visits to the vet.
Deserving Pets VITAL VITIES for cats were designed with your cat's optimal health in mind!
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Vital Vities for Cats - Blissful Bacon - 60-Day Supply

VITAL VITIES Blissful Bacon for Cats has all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, vegetable superfoods, fruit superfoods, prebiotics and probiotics that your cat needs to stay healthy with all natural liver and bacon flavorings. Click here for the list of ingredients.

Our Price: $27.99
Feline Everyday Essentials - 90-Day Supply

FELINE EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS has vitamins and minerals and no veggies and fruits. Click here for a list of ingredients.

Our Price: $24.99
Ticked Off! Unscented!

TICKED OFF UNSCENTED is for cats and dogs who do not appreciate the cedar scent. It made with the same hydrolyzed silica as Ticked Off but does not include the cedar oil.

Our Price: $35.99
Myristin Special Canine NEW Formula (120 tabs)

MYRISTIN ADVANCED HIP AND JOINT SUPPLEMENT FOR DOGS AND CATS - Incredibly effective for arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint pain, back pain and hind-end weakness. Click here for ingredients.

Our Price: $46.25
Double Helix Water

DOUBLE HELIX WATER. Healing Water for Dogs and Cats. Click here for a comprehensive article on Double Helix Water by Dr. Deva Khalsa, VMD.

Our Price: $52.00
Color Therapy Spray - Hyacinth Turquoise

COLOR THERAPY SPRAY. Hyacinth TURQUOISE is all about healthy skin, from alopecia support to neutralizing those problematic hot spots. It fortifies the immune system as well, igniting an intrinsic health response.

Our Price: $21.95
Color Therapy Spray - Volcano Red

COLOR THERAPY SPRAY - Volcano RED is a star for chronic or acute physical pain. It addresses soft tissue inflammation, arthritis and many joint problems. It’s also a great vitality pick-up for geriatric concerns.

Our Price: $21.95
Color Therapy Spray - Emerald Green

COLOR THERAPY SPRAY. Emerald GREEN targets all things digestive including blood sugar & allergic reactions. Emotionally it’s great to use environmentally to promote a sense of co-operation, or safety & balance in aggressive

Our Price: $21.95
Color Therapy Spray - Rainbow Spectrum

COLOR THERAPY SPRAY. RAINBOW Spectrum includes all 7 frequencies of the physical body so it’s capable of sending the proper color where needed. Very balancing and fortifying, many report significant calming during thunderstorms and other traumas.

Our Price: $21.95