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Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Silica with the active ingredient: 5% Cedar Oil (Texas Red Cedar)

Ticked Off offers you and your dog all natural, chemical-free relief from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, gnats and other disease-carrying biting insects. Lightly misting your pet once or twice a week will both help to both prevent and kill fleas and ticks. If your dog is likely to get fleas or ticks we recommend weekly misting of your pet's bedding and this will effectively kill fleas, flea larvae and flea eggs. The hydrolyzed silica in Ticked Off is totally safe for your dog (it was originally intended for a facial product for women) but it effectively kills fleas and many other pesky insects. Be assured that it will not stain your pet's bedding.
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What we hear from our customers:

I had another natural spray that was supposed to kill on contact and it just didn't do the job, which was very frustrating. Ticked Off literally kills the flea on contact. And that's gratifying. Its reduced the problem quite a lot. Yes, fleas still make their way onto the dog when we forget to use the spray. This is Florida! But they are very dead as soon as the stuff gets on them. I like the fact that I can wet my fingers with the spray and work it into the trouble spots, such as near the tail, and the ears, without having to worry about toxins. After a bath, when I'm drying my elderly dog, I wrap him up in a towel so that he doesn't run around. Any stray fleas that are hiding in his ears are history when I run my pre-treated fingers over them.

I'm, going to buy it again and recommend it to my friends.

S.C. Florida Schnauzer Lover

Hi! Just a note to tell you I gave the vitamins to all the dogs but Bailey (he is still on meds).... they just love them!!! Gracie (the Great Dane mix) comes over to me and licks her lips like a cat for a long time and wants more vitamins. I know it is the cheese flavor.. it is so funny and cute...

All of the dogs are on the flea spray ... it works GREAT... all my dogs had fleas.. after a few days... they are almost gone... will have to keep combing them a few times a day to get it under control. But I love the spray because it is non-toxic!!!!!

LB, Florida

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