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Can Vitamins Help Prevent Disease? (click for full answer)
Last Updated: 05/24/2013
Your petís diet is the single most important factor for his or her health, immunity and longevity.  I feel like my mantra is fast becoming, ďGive your pet the healthiest diet you can createĒ.   With one in three dogs dying of cancer, the 21st century is all about disease prevention.  Thatís why we have to include healthy foods and most importantly, a preventive supplement that we may never have thought of adding to their diets before.
Letís look at it this way: to maintain your home you need cleaning solutions, brooms, mops, paint, screwdrivers and maybe a hammer and nails. In short, we need all manner of tools and itís always best to have a complete set of tools.  In order to understand why complete supplementation is essential, letís begin with a story about the Maytag Man. The Maytag Man evokes the consummate image of a kindly repairman, eager to help get your washer or dryer up and running so you can have clean clothes. Our dogs and our cats (in fact all of us) have the equivalent of the Maytag Man in all of our cells. Cells are bustling, busy miniature cities having lots of activity going on constantly. While the Maytag appliance company brags that they have no work for their repairmen, our cellsí Maytag Men work continually. Itís how we all stay healthy!
Cells run a race against time, disease and aging. They need specific tools to run this race and win. Imagine if the Maytag Man came to fix your washing machine and you found him leaning against the wall doing nothing. ďI forgot my tools.,Ē he tells you, ďSo I canít fix your washing machine.Ē Just so, our cells must have a complete set of their necessary tools to create health and stave off disease
Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are the tools needed that, in truth, keep our dogs and cats-via all the cells in their bodies- healthy. Minerals and vitamins are necessary for the metabolic processes the cells have to complete every single day.  Some vitamins, such as C and E, also act as antioxidants and clean out toxins from your petsí cells.  Itís all in a days work to keep those best friends of ours healthy and happy.

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