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Ticked Off! Unscented!
Ticked Off! Unscented!
Our Price: $35.99

Product Code: UTO32

Ingredient: Hydrolyzed Silica. 32 oz. bottle.

The natural, gentle hydrolyzed silica in our Ticked Off was first intended for a women's cosmetic company because it increased collagen and created healthier skin. It's ironic that it also effectively kills fleas and most ticks. Our feline friends are more finicky than our canine ones and they've reported to us that they don't like smelling like hamsters. (It's the smell of the safe Southern Red Cedar oil which helps to repel fleas and ticks that's in our regular Ticked Off)
We listened to our feline customers and created an unscented Ticked Off that does not have Cedar Oil and is gentle and effective too. All cats and sensitive dogs will be able to be treated with our Unscented Ticked Off.
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My cat had a serious reaction to this product February 21, 2018
Reviewer: Kathleen Doyle from nashville, TN United States  
I applied the unscented Ticked Off to my 13 year old cat and he immediately began wheezing, coughing, drooling, and struggled to breathe. I’ve since read that certain essential oils are dangerous for cats. Supposedly, cedar oil is the main ingredient in Ticked Off, but there is no doubt that this product caused his impromptu reaction. I love the idea of natural flea protection, but I’ll never use this product again.

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I love this stuff July 17, 2017
Reviewer: Katherine from , Palm Beach, Florida  
A friend slept in my guest room and brought their dog. I closed the door after she left and went in maybe two weeks later to vacuum. Wow. My calves were covered in fleas immediately. I guess her guest dog had fleas. I ran and got the Ticked Off and stood in the room. The fleas jumped on my calves and I sprayed them and sprayed the carpet and moldings in the room. I did this every day for three days. The fourth day there were no more fleas. This stuff kills the larvae and eggs so there was also no future problem. I will always have this stuff in my cabinet as it doesn't expires and you never know when you might need a natural fix to a bug problem.

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I had a real flea problem and this was a miracle July 17, 2017
Reviewer: Justin from , Wichita, Kansas  
Somehow all my indoor cats (I have 4) got fleas and I have no idea how. I didn't catch it for awhile (I mean, how could this happen?) so by the time I started there were a lot of fleas in their fur.  I sprayed the unscented ticked off on my hands and ran it through my cats fur. It took several sprays to do each cat and I did it every day for a week. Then I sprayed the stuff all around the house. Deserving Pets gave me advice and told me to focus on the baseboard area and vacuum well twice a week and empty the vacuum after each one. Well, in just a week I could not find any fleas.  I sprayed for another few days and did all my cats once a week after there were no fleas just for insurance.

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